30 Day Social Media Content Calendar Planner

What Your Social Is Missing: 30-Day Social Media Content Planner

(And what you need to create a simple content marketing plan)

Figuring out what to post to social media is hard. It's hard to stick with 1 plan. You have EVERYONE telling you their "secret" method of gaining more followers, customers and clients, but for some reason, it's not easy for you.

I get it. Between trying to find the right graphic that's shareable and trying to figure out what to write, you might end up staring at a blank screen, losing traction, struggling to stay consistent and not getting the results you want from the platforms you spend soooo much time on.

How do you leverage social in a way that actually increases your brand awareness and builds an engaging tribe of people hot and ready to buy from you?

Not to mention, make it fun to post? You know, like back when it all firststarted. Well, let's tackle what your socials are probably missing and as to give you some context for the solution:

4 crucial things your social media content is probably missing:

You're missing consistency.

No matter the platform - Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, LinkedIn - if you are inconsistent, you will never get the results you want. Posting one day here, another day there - then forgetting and posting 2 weeks later is the EXACT formula to get your audience to simply forget about you.

In an online space where you can be drowned out in a day or two, dropping off of the map is something you DON'T want to do. It's the reason, you get many likes, comments and saves one day, but then the next time you post, 2 weeks later, it's half that amount.

If you don't remain top-of-mind with your audience, they will move on to the next brand. But you knew that already, right?

You're missing clear goals.

Why are you on Instagram? What results are you looking for? What's the goal for your social media feed? What KPIs will help you measure these goals? If your only goal is to "post something because everyone says you need to post," and not a goal that directly affects your reader's and follower's buying decisions, your content will fall on deaf ears.

Your goal should always be to nurture your audience with the use of high-quality, meaningful content that solves their problems and arouses them to ACTION.

What's that action? Clicking the link in your bio, hitting your call-to-action button, DMing you, taking that next step. The content you post DAILY needs to reflect this.

You're missing originality.

Posting random quotes, selfies, copying content or re-sharing too much from other accounts dilutes your brand.

How can anyone remember YOU, if you're not original? I know, I know, this is hard. After all, what hasn't been done before?

Simply take the time to fully outline your brand's look, style, message, personality and story. This will set you apart and make you memorable.

This takes thought, time, and planning. Don't be afraid to outsource or invest in shortcuts for this. Really determine what YOUR look is, what YOUR voice is and how it is you creatively convey your message to your audience. This will make you memorable and easily recognizable in a sea of copycats.

While we all love sites like Canva that make it easy for us to find great images and graphics, you must remember to fully customize your visuals so you don't look like everyone else.

And finally, You're missing strategy.

By far one of the BIGGEST reasons you probably aren't seeing the results you want is because you're missing a solid content marketing strategy, specifically for social media. You may not have a clear plan.

Without a clear process, schedule or consistent creative ideas that keep you EXCITED about sharing content everyday, YOU WON'T POST. You need:

1. A plan for your brand's message.

What will you say? How will you educate, inspire and captivate your audience on a daily basis that further moves them into your sales funnel?

2. A plan for your visual content.

Stop curating!

Create content that's signature to you - graphics that are signature to YOU, that you can reuse over and over again. This, literally, "brands" your IDENTITY into your audience's minds so they instantly recognize you. And my friends, it does not have to be overwhelming. Once you have a solid design style for your graphics, simply rinse and repeat it every time.

3. A plan for posting.

Consistency is crucial. It's the reason why some people's following skyrockets and others don't.

If you can beat inconsistency once and for all, and post at a rhythm or frequency that feels right for YOU, your numbers will start to grow. More DMs. More inquiries. More people clicking on that link in your bio.

Your posting plan needs to be clear, outlined, easy-to-implement and not overwhelming.

How to fix it:

A simple content calendar with topics and prompts planned out is a great start. As you follow your plan, it'll start to take the stress out of posting because you will have already thought in advance about what you're going to say. The days of "winging it" on social media are over.

I'm here to help you beat inconsistency once and for all by helping you clearly define your social media goals and create a content plan that works for YOU.

To get you started thinking differently about your content, download my FREE 30-day Social Media Content Planner with 31+ prompts.

This is meant to get you thinking creatively and strategically about your content. It's not just for Instagram. Use the prompts as video content ideas for IGTV, Facebook Live, or even Tik Tok.

This planner is just a small snippet of my 18-month Content Calendar Bundle which gives you over 570 days of content ideas for social media.

Use this as a blueprint to show up, and show up often on social. Speak in your OWN brand voice, create your OWN original content. Shortcuts like Canva and the Pixistock photo subscription are okay, as they still help you think creatively and be original with your designs.

Download the 30-Day Social Media Content Planner. Post daily to get in the habit of creating effortlessly. Create unique content that speaks to your audience's pain points. 

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