2020 Social Media Content Calendar

Get 365+ social media posts planned out for you!

Eliminate the stress of figuring out what to post on social media everyday, how to keep your audience engaged and FINALLY learn the secret to growing your audience.

Inside my Social Media Content Calendar System are 365+ social media prompts, along with quote lists, thousands of hashtags in 30+ niches and photo suggestions to help you create a money-making, content creation strategy for 2020.

It's the most interactive content creation calendar & planner you've ever seen!

Take a closer look:

I go beyond giving you daily captions. You'll be able track your progress, get creative ideas with daily photo and hashtag suggestions so you're always posting fresh new content for your business.

Because trying to figure out what to post can be overwhelming and stressful.

From what photos to use, to hashtags, to trying to come up with creative ideas for your niche - it's no wonder you feel stressed.

That's why I've created a fool-proof, social media posting plan that, if followed, is GUARANTEED to increase your awareness, amplify your authority, and grow your social media following in a year.


It's fully customizable, adaptable to any business and designed to take most of the planning off your plate so you can focus on building your business.

Here's what's included in the interactive Content Calendar:

365+ daily social media prompts planned in calendar format

10 Post types with additional prompts that your business MUST have

Daily hashtag suggestions in 30+ niche categories

Pixistock photo, video and Boomerang ideas

(stock photos sold separately)

US Holiday ideas, theme of the month and observances

12 Blank calendars to add your own custom prompts, holidays & planning

An instructional How-To guide to get you started

We've done all hashtag research for you because paying monthly for hashtag research tools is not what you had in mind.


We've strategically researched hashtags within the 50,000 - 800,000 post range to help you get the BEST reach on social media

(and even left space for you to add your own favorites).


Not only that, but we've added them in 30+ categories, including:

Beauty - Makeup

Beauty - Skincare

Beauty - Lashes

Beauty - Hair






Real Estate



Female Entrepreneurship

Female Empowerment



Digital Marketing

Social Media Management/VA




Handmade Business

Interior Design/Home/DIY



Relationships/Personal Development



Women of Color



Let me take the content creation weight off your plate, save you more time and give you tons of creative ideas so your profile stands out, gets engagement, makes you more money.


After purchasing, you'll receive a confirmation link in your email to instantly access your download. Unzip the file.


Read the "How to Use" instructions to learn ALL the interactive features and benefits of the document.


Download the Adobe Acrobat Reader app (it's free) to view and customize the document as well as track your progress!

With the Social Media Content Calendar, you'll be able to:

Remain consistent on social media.

Amplify your authority with prompts that present you as the go-to person on your topic/industry.

Connect with your audience in a way that humanizes your brand and builds relationships.

Promote your brand and business without feeling like you're "over-selling."

Eliminate the stress of trying to come up with ideas of what and post and what to say every day.

Track your progress and remain accountable while growing your following and increasing engagement.

  • Get it for only

  • $29
  • Instant access to the 12-month calendar, social media prompt checklists, hashtag suggestions and photo suggestions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the content delivered?

The calendar is delivered in .pdf format and can be viewed in most pdf readers. In order to edit, and access ALL interactive features, you'll want to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader app or desktop app.

Is this $29 per month?

No, this is a ONE time payment of $29. One payment gets you access to 12 months of the year and my additional prompt checklists, hashtag and photo suggestions.

Is this only for coaches?

No! :) I give you so many different prompts to help spark creativity and give you ideas for any type of business as long as you are a personal brand. There is content for service-based and product-based businesses alike.

Will this work for my business niche?

YES! The social media prompts and calendar are NOT niche specific. They will work for most businesses and the calendar is mainly created for personal brands, not agencies or big brands. There are hundreds of prompts and captions to choose from for your social media content.

Additionally I have included niche-specific hashtags in 30+ categories from health, to beauty, business, finance, design and more!

What hashtag niches are included?

We've done hashtag research in 30+ categories to help expand your reach on social media. They are:

Real Estate
Female entrepreneurship
Digital Marketing/SMM/VA
Handmade Business
Interior Design/Home/DIY
Relationships/Personal Dev.
Women of Color

What if I download it and don't like it?

Due to the nature of digital downloads, all sales are final. Please email me at info@pixistock.com to ensure your satisfaction.

What happens after I purchase? How do I access the file?

After purchase, you will be redirected to the download page. Additionally, please check your email and spam folder for the download link and confirmation email.

Does this include photos?

No, this is a social media content calendar with prompts to help you write better captions and content. If you want photos, you'll need to join the Pixistock membership to get instant access to over 4,000 images to go along with this calendar.

Questions? Not sure if it will work for your business type? 

Email me at info@pixistock.com. I'm happy to help!

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