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Welcome! I'm Alicia, founder of Pixistock.

Here's the free Canva template bundle you asked for! You'll need to make sure you have a working Canva account to access the templates.

Be sure to read the terms of use for proper use of these templates to ensure you are compliant. (this is important)

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Usage Restrictions:

Alicia Powell grants User an exclusive, non-transferable, perpetual limited-use license to download and copy this Canva template subject to the following restrictions:

This license can be used for personal or commercial use.


By purchasing Canva templates from Pixistock, User agrees and acknowledges that the templates come with an exclusive, limited use license.


“Limited use” refers to the following:

Alicia Powell remains the sole holder of the copyright and User may not cite the image as User's own intellectual property. User acquires the right to possess, hold and use the templates for personal, or professional purposes for normal business uses.


 User MAY: 

User/member MAY use these templates to promote his/her own business on or offline.

User/member MAY use these templates to sell his/her own, branded content to their audience and use for digital ads.

User/member MAY add user's own branding, text, colors, content and other design assets to the PDF guide template to RESELL as a pdf download content upgrade or lead magnet to his/her audience.


 User MAY NOT:

User/member MAY NOT redistribute, resell, transfer or give away these templates to any third party, AS-IS.

User/member MAY NOT resell these templates on any mass marketplace website (Creative Market, Etsy, Envato) NOR resell as a digital template product on any other website or platform, whether AS IS, or edited.

User/member MAY NOT transfer, redistribute or give away any of these templates to a third party without adding additional branding, logos, content, text, color and/or additional design elements to the templates.

User/member MAY NOT use these templates to promote the sale of digital, graphic design templates, canva templates or stock photography.


User understands that he/she may lose saved changes if User does not make a copy of this Canva template into User's own Canva account before editing.

Copyright, title ownership, and all rights now and in the future, remain exclusively with Alicia Powell. There are no warranties, express or implied. Templates are provided ‘as is.’