How to create follow-worthy social media content [FREE content generator worksheet]

How to Create Follow-Worthy Social Media Content

(with FREE Content Generator Worksheet)

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Creating social media content does not have to be hard.

I get it. Some days you’re up for the challenge because you're really intent on growing your audience, and other days you just want to throw in the towel.

What do I even say on social media?

How do I get my audience to actually engage?

Why is no one liking my content?

These questions are common if you’re just starting a new brand, or even if you’ve been in it for a while and not seeing many results.

However, don’t fret.

The key to getting your audience to follow you on social media begins with the quality of your content. Always, quality over quanity.

There isn’t a hack or a simple solution for getting more followers. You’ll need to consistently show up and produce problem-solving content that’s worthy of the follow.

It consists of 3 things:

  1. Relatable posts that connect your brand story with your audience's pain points.
  2. High quality images and graphics that show your professionalism and steal their attention.
  3. Messaging with a brand voice that shows your personality, humor and excitement around your products or services.

There are no hacks.

There are no tricks.

You content has to provide value, be attractive, entertaining and excitable to your IDEAL person.

Let’s stop right there.

Who is your IDEAL person?

Not your ideal “audience.” But your ideal “person.”

This person is most likely to consume your content.

We call this person your "AVATAR." It is the detailed descriptive character of a raving fan and an ideal candidate for your content, products or services.

An avatar is not a group of people. It is ONE person.

Multiple avatars make up your “audience.”

On social media, you need to be writing specifically to THEM.

Common mistake: You’re writing content geared towards your broader audience and not writing to specific avatars.

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How to Narrow Down Your Messaging to Speak to Specific Avatars

This is the key to generating an unlimited number of creative ideas and topics to write about.

Let's break this down.

For example, a broad audience would be “moms with kids, under 40.”

A specific avatar would be, “Megan, 25, has 1 newborn and just started a new job. She’s lives in FL and wants to learn how to homemake clothes for her new baby girl.”

One is general, one is specific. Believe it or not, you can create avatars and descriptive characters that are even MORE specific than that.

Once you have identified multiple avatars, you can speak directly to them through your content, visuals and captions.

Here’s what I would write as a potential Instagram or social media caption if I were, a "business owner teaching moms with kids how to crochet."

"Caring for a new born is one of the sweetest moments of your life. In this time there’s so much to learn about your little one. You learn to feed them, care for them and clothe them. It’s in these moments that being a mom becomes more important than anything -any other job in the world. With everyone giving you gifts left and right, remember to give your own special gift to your little one. I teach you how to make custom clothes for your baby that they will cherish and look back on for years to come. Learn basic crocheting for free with me. Click the link in the bio.”

This caption is heartfelt, specific to one of my avatars, while also promoting a lead magnet.

Usually, we run out of ideas for captions because the trend is to write simple one liners. But lyrics, quotes, and short sayings won’t speak directly to an avatar.

While they are great for speaking to general audiences, when it comes to getting your ideal person to take ACTION, there has to be more detail and more context around the product or service you're trying to promote.

That, my friend, requires more words.

In order to get more words, you need more avatars to help you generate context around your product or service. 

Now that you've defined your avatars, and you have an idea of WHO you're speaking to, here are some tips for expanding your social media captions:

1. Speak to the heart of their problem.

What's the problem that your product or service is solving? What’s their pain point? What do they hope to gain from taking the next step with you.

In your caption, identify one of the problems or pain points your audience has, agitate it a little bit with your words, and then present your unique solution or product.

2. Get personal - don't be fancy with words.

Social media is all about creating human-to-human connections online. Speak in the first person by identifying yourself as the go-to on your particular topic.

Choose personal words, and write like your talk to show that you’re human, relatable and are having a conversation with your tribe. Remove the fancy jargon and instead of writing what would appear to be an intellectual paper, be raw, real and even improper to humanize your brand.

3. Share your brand story.

Follow-worthy brands know how to tell stories. If you’re a small business owner, a blogger or just starting out, you have your own story to tell. As you write your social media captions, be sure to relate everything back to your brand story.

If your ideal avatar can see that you and him/her have something in common, they’ll want to hear and learn more about you. But do this tactfully, as talking about yourself too much can cause your audience to lose interest.

With your words, share how you and him/her share similar problems, challenges or joys with your brand story.

Creating follow-worthy content takes time. In order to captivate your audience, you must know the fundamentals of your own personal brand.

Who you’re speaking to.

Why you’re speaking to them.

What value you offer.

Knowing these avatar identifiers beyond a shadow of a doubt position your brand to be a powerful authority on social media, whether you sell physical products, services, or simply have a blog.

If you haven’t defined these things, take a moment to write them out.

Without them, you’re creating content, just to create it - without a clear plan and strategy to captivate and grow your audience.

If you need help getting started, download my free content generator worksheet.

Pixistock Content Generator Worksheet

This will help you generate some ideas for messaging as you define your avatar in greater detail. Always keep your brand’s value and personality in mind so your messaging remains consistent and predictable.

Repetition and predictability is key to retaining followers, fans and building a tribe that GETS you.

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